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Dr. Ancy Thomas Ph.D.

Every product that is around us and that we admire was developed and created by a designer. More appealing it is, more hard work this designer has put into it. It becomes more acceptable as talented the designer is. Sometimes designers are limited by many factors like available technologies, skilled artisans and resources to bring into life some awe-inspiring designs.
At Angels Arc we make sure our team has the most modern technology/resource that is available to make every product an ‘awe-inspiring’ one so each and every customer of ours get the product as they desired it to be and a bit more.

Dr. Ancy Thomas is one of the finest designer of the state, who is more qualified and has got practical experience than any others, She is passionate about her customers’ needs and goes the extra mile every time to fulfil that. She has both teaching and industrial experience in the field of fashion designing and apparel manufacturing, in India and overseas. Out of the passion for the apparel industry she did her Ph.D in Fashion designing from the Mahathma Gandhi University. She is also the leading guide for Fashion designing Ph.d aspirants of major south Indian universities

Here is a chance for you to become a successful designer and follow your passion, There is no bigger joy than knowing you are the reason for someone’s happiness, join the Angels team and we shall work together in making our world even better place to live in.

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